Gorgeous Cosmetics Applicator


  • With Metal Ring
  • Washable
  • Application with minimum product waste


How to use

Remove ring , Wet thoroughly with water

Squeeze by holding in the palm of one hand and closing the fingers around it to expel the water – your sponge will expand to twice its size and be much softer. (To avoid splits, snags, rips or tears squeeze delicately, avoiding twisting or pinching.)

Bounce makeup and skincare across your face for a perfect application every time! When you have cleaned your sponge, just pop it onto the open top of the canister it comes in to air-dry.



If used daily, your sponge should be washed once a week with mild cleanser, baby shampoo or any low sudsing soap.  Rinse well and air dry.  Your sponge will enlarge after wetting.



重量 23 g
尺寸 5 x 5 x 9 cm

Orange, Palepink, Pink, Ruby, Turquoise



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