Cleaning sponge (rice white)

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Honeycomb deep cleansing skin dirt and grease
This cleansing sponge is soft and skin-friendly. The engineering shape + honeycomb texture can deeply clean all the skin of the face, leaving no dead ends, easy to exfoliate and make the skin fresh and clean.


1. All-round cleaning: the tip is used to clean the eye and the specific contour of the nose; the curved surface is used around the eye area and the T area; the bottom is used for cleaning the cheeks and forehead area, and plays a comfortable massage;

2, high-quality hydrophilic polyurethane, delicate touch, soft Q-bomb, sponge-like honeycomb net space structure deep cleansing hidden dirt in the pores;

3, according to the unique shape of ergonomic design, the curvature fits the contour, can be placed on the table smoothly, avoiding the rolling around infected bacteria and dirt.



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